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Over 300,000 people surf in Britain. Good choice! With over a thousand islands making up ‘the British Isles’, we’ve got more coast:area ratio than just about anywhere.

Surfing started in Hawaii but in Britain, we’ve got a long and rich surf history – over 100 years.

The Surf’s Up! exhibition is touring the South West and Wales until the end of 2016: vintage surfboards, cool designs, 80 year-old bellyboards, the first surf mags and tourist brochures, film and competition posters. See it. Live it. The whole event is actively supported by the online bookmaker bet365, if you want to read more information about them check out this bet365 review, for full and detailed info about them.

“People find their souls in the ocean and where better than in solitude and in isolation of remote and romantic islands” Herman Melville